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Another Open Letter of Severe Disappointment to Apple

16G of RAM. You can’t be serious. You’re serious? What? I have a 2011 MBP running 16G of RAM and a 2T SSD. It’s 5 years old and the only thing I’ve been hamstrung with is that it only has USB2 ports. It’s got a Thunderbolt port, FW800, SD slot, and I still amazingly use my SuperDrive almost weekly. I was ready to upgrade my system. I work primarily in video and sadly, this workhorse of a laptop is on it’s last legs. It slogs along with 4K video. I’m patient. I let it render and look, then change and hope that next time the changes look a little better. Hey, 1080p is fine. Most of the time, it’s fine, but I know that I need more from my work system. The new version of Adobe Photoshop lags my system. Again, running 16G of RAM and 2.3Ghz i7 Processor. It’s actually better than your $1999 2016 MBP base model. I don’t know what the hell you’re doing anymore. A new MacBook Pro in 2016 needs at least 32G of RAM. Some would argue 64G could/should be the top of the line, seeing as how you can’t upgrade them after they’re purchased.
I liked the fact that I can take my laptop on set, that it’s small enough to throw in a bag with a thunderbolt dock, some drives and my home system can pretty much work where ever I need it. Sure, it needs power. So do all of the other accessories that I need to use with it. I noticed the change from ports and slots to the ‘Thunderbolt 3’ or USB-C port on the new MBP. Okay, that just means adapters and other accessories – of which I’ll more than likely have to plug into a wall socket. Not all drives are bus powered. Not all accessories are bus powered. I’m sure that probably pulls on the system battery as well. That’s why if I’m working on a project, I plug the system in. As a matter of fact, it’s plugged in most of the time.
“So just buy a desktop,” one might retort. Again, I like that I can take the system with me in a backpack. You can’t do that with a 27″ iMac (which is what I’m now eyeing), you can’t do that with the MacPro tower (which is 3 years old and desperately needs an update). The MacBook Pro was my way of life. Now, I’m desperately scrambling to find what will be my next system.
I’m trapped. I made the switch to Mac and never looked back. I don’t remember how to operate a windows machine. I remember how I felt. I was fed up with PC. I was fed up with bad systems and bad software. One of the significant reasons I made the switch to Mac was Final Cut Pro. One of the other Open Letters to Apple I wrote lamented what someone had done to that system. There’s nothing Pro about it. Even the in-house Apple editors aren’t using it. They’re switching to Adobe Premiere.
Back to power and performance. Your new MBP is an embarrassment. If I max it out at $4299, it’s still only 16G of RAM. The RAM is soldered onto the motherboard, yes? It can’t be upgraded. The SSD is proprietary, yes? Maybe somewhere down the line it could be upgraded, but that’s all for personal storage anyway – if you’re editing you should never use your system drive for video storage. Maybe that’s different now, but it’s a practice that won’t change for Professionals. You can’t plug your iPhone7 into the computer? Oh, there’s an adapter you can buy I guess… does the system come with this adapter? No? What? OK… Maybe you should consider that.
The bottom line is that you need a Professional user. I don’t know what information you have building these new machines, but they’re not worth what you’re asking. They’re not $4000 machines. They’re not Pro. I guess that you’ve gotten too deep into drinking your own Kool-Aid that you’re not actually asking the right questions. You shouldn’t dictate how people use your systems. People use them for many things. Pros use them for a lot of hard computing work, compressing, and imagining visuals and projects that fascinate. Let me help you. Let’s re-build the Pro. Let me help you make systems that can actually handle the work we need them to do, with ease. Let’s start making a better version that I would actually use. Right now, your systems have buyers remorse written all over them. I want it to be better. It’s not. I want to purchase a system upgrade that works for me. The current line of MBP is not it. There is not an upgrade option available right now, and that is extremely disappointing. It’s a growing frustration from a customer that needs more.

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